1958 Reunion

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Those who attended:

Back Row: Owen McCollum, Pat Kearney, John Etherson, James O'Kane, Dan Kearney, Tommy Carey, Charlie O'Boyle, Jim Higgins, Jim Kearney (James), Aeneas McAtamney, Barney Kearney, Frank Kearney, Ned Kearney, John O'Kane, James Kearney, Brendan Kearney (James), Brian Kearney (Mick) Jane Carey, Bridie McAtamney (Ned), Mary Kearney (Ned), Gemma Kearney (Mick) Gerald Etherson, Harry Kearney, Mick Kearney

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2nd Row: John Kearney holding Elizabeth McKenna, Eddie Kearney (Ned) James Etherson, Elish Kearney (Mick), Willie John O'Donnell, Seamus Kearney (Pat), Jim Kearney (Ned), John Kearney (James), Harry Higgins, Brian Higgins, Bobbie Etherson, Jimmy Higgins, Myra Kearney (Pat), Sheila Kearney (Ned), Olive Kearney (Mick), Patricia Kearney (Pat), Sinead Kearney (Pat), Sheena Carey, Agnes Higgins, Elizabeth Carey, Lizzie Kearney (Mick), Maureen Higgins, Cecia McCollum (Mick), Sheena Kearney (James), Sheena Higgins, Mary Kearney (Ned), Cassie Kearney (James), Kathleen Kearney (Ned).

Between 2 nd and 3 rd Row: Dominic Carey, John Carey, Deus Kearney (John), Patsy Etherson, Frank Kearney (Ned).

3rd Row: Barbara Kearney (Brian) with baby Caroline Kearney, Bridie McKenna (Mick), Rosemary Kearney (John), Berns Kearney (Jim) with baby Jacqueline Kearney, Una Kearney (Eddie) with baby Edward, Kay Kearney (Dan) with baby Dympna, MaryAnn Kearney (Pat), Margaret Etherson, James Kearney (Grandpa), Mary Kearney (Frank) with twins Theresa and Mabel Kearney, Josie O'Kane (James) with baby Mary O'Kane, Georgie Kearney (Harry) with baby Alden Kearney, Sarah O'Kane with baby John O'Kane , Audrey Kearney (Barney) with baby Marie Kearney, Sheena O'Boyle (James) with baby O'Boyle, Joy Kearney with baby Geraldine Kearney, Jean O'Donnell (Ned) with baby Eddie O'Donnell.

4th Row: Ann-Marie Carey, Roisin Kearney (Dan), Mairead Kearney (Pat), Donal Kearney (Pat), Harry Etherson, Danny Etherson, Seamus Kearney ( Harry), Eugene Kearney (Pat), Martin Kearney(John) and right side Maureen Kearney (Harry), Lorerto Kearney (Dan)

5th Row: Patricia Carey, Sinead Kearney (Harry), Breda Kearney (James), Seamus Kearney (John), Sean Kearney (Frank), Liam Kearney (Harry), Harry Kearney (Harry), Seamus Carey, Richard Carey, Thomas Carey, Michael Kearney (Dan), Dan McKenna, Benny Kearney (Pat), Mary McKenna, Juliana Kearney (Brian) looking back, Attracts Kearney (Pat), Marian Kearney (John) , Ann O'Donnell, Mona Kearney (John), Angela Kearney (Harry), Jo O'Donnell, Unknown? , Pauleen Kearney (Eddie), Bernie Etherson, Jean Etherson, Mary O' Donnell

Missing: Seamus Kearney (Mick), Ita Kearney (Mick), Fran Kearney (Mick), Peggy Kearney (James), Brian Higgins, Dan Higgins
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