Bobby Etherson

My name is Bobby Etherson and I am the 3rd child in my family.

I have been married to Brenda for 44 years who is a native of County Waterford.

We have four children. Tony is 43 years old and has been married to Sharon for 10
years and they have 3 children Niamh, Niall and Bronagh.

Gerald is 41 years old and has been married to Shirley for 13 years and they have
3 children Grace, James and John.

Elaine is 37 years old and has been married to Paul Luff for 9 years they have 2
children Ellen and Brendan.

Adrian is our youngest and has a girlfriend called Amber.

What we do:-

Bobby - retired
Brenda - retired

Tony is a builder and works for himself and lives in Coventry with his family,
Sharon works part time for Social Services in Coventry.

Gerald is an Accountant for an international Electrical wholesaler in Kenilworth
and Shirley works part time for the same Company in purchase accounts and they
have a 2nd home in Ballycastle, Co.Antrim.

Elaine is an Air Stewardess for Thompson Fly and Paul is an Account Manager for
a fixings Company in Tamworth.

Adrian is an Sales Rep for Lyreco and lives in Coventry and plays Gaelic football
for Roger Casements G.F.C. in Coventry.

Grace is the oldest grandchild at 14 and is at Senior School in Kenilworth, James,
John, Ellen and Brendan are all at St. John Vianney primary school in Coventry, and
Niamh and Niall are at All Souls primary school close by. Bronagh our youngest
grandchild who will be four in July will be starting school in September.
The three youngest girls are Irish Dancers.