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Name: Bailie heatley
I am Ned Kearneys great granddaughter and sheila's granddaughter. I live in Randlstown. I have one bother called Shea  
Name: shea heatley
I am Ned kearneys great grandson and Sheila Byrne grandson. I live in Randalstown. I am 11yrs old.I have one sister named Bailie.
Name: Conal Kearney
Greetings; My name is Conal Kearney; I am a grandson of Peadar Kearney, author of The Soldier's Song, Ireland's National Anthem; my great grandfather John Kearney came from Roseybrook co. Meath; e-mail; [email protected]
Name: Gemma Colvin Mick &Lizzie's Daughter
Congratulations to all involved in the making of this No. 1 website!!! Sorry I will not be there for the festivities but I will be thinking of you all and remembering that day 50years ago and the special people in the photo especially Grandad and Bridie!
   What a wonderful legacy to leave for our children and grandchildren! Looking at the photos and reading the letters bring back great memories.I hope you all have a very enjoyable weekend!
Name: Sean ( Franks )
Keep those emails coming in.For those travelling a distance and who need accomodation , here are some email contacts www.ballymena
Ashfield&Beechfield Guesthouses
79-81 Galgorm Road,
Ballymena BT42 1AA
contact no 02825 646091
Adair arms Hotel Ballymena
02825 653674
Leighinmoor Hotel (location of sunday evening finale) 02825 652313
These are only a few accomodation options available locally to events .
On behalf of the committee we feel very supported by all your comments on the website on bringing this clan together for this reunion. Every individual  is special on this occasion and sorry to those who cannot make it for whatever reason  , we will keep your good wishes with us from hereon. 33 days to go ,Looking forward to see you there Sean
Name: Joseph Mullins (son of Ita)

I'm the youngest son of Joe and Ita. My fiance being Fiona and son Jack.

I met a good number of relatives at Fran's funeral that I hadn't seen since I was a young boy on summer holidays in Ballymena.

Unfortunately I won't be able to attend the reunion that so many people have worked so hard to get off the ground as I am currently serving abroad in Sarajevo, Bosnia.

Mammy will be there as wild horses would not keep her from it.

Enjoy the weekend everybody.

Best Regards


Name: Mary kearney

Im Mary widow of Fran R.I.P (3/12/06) (Mick)
Wasnt a Kearney at 1958 reunion. Looking forward to this reunion.
Name: Michael Kearnry
I'm eldest son of Seamus and Freda. Congrats to all on a great website and all the organisation - huge credit to all invloved. Looking forward to meeting Kearneys from near and far. Should be great fun.
Name: John Kearney (Son of Seamus)
Fantastic website. My family (Maeve my wife, Kiera 21, Conor 20, David 18) and I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through it. Looking forward to meeting you all in July.
Name: Angela Dillon
Daughter of Harry and Georgie, married to Gerry.

Thanks to everyone on the Committee for all the hard work. The website is excellent.

Looking forward to the big weekend!
Name: Pauline McMullan
Hi, Im granddaughter of Agnes, daughter of Shena, what a wonderful website, thanks to Martin and all the committee for organising this special event.  I live in London and look forward very much to meeting you all at some stage over the weekend.

ps I think the suggestion of each family wearing a specific coloured ribbon is a great idea

Name: Bronagh McCann
Hi im grandaughter to Brian Kearney.
Name: Freda & Seamus Kearney
What a wonderful website this is. It is full of interesting facts and is most enjoyable to read. A very proud website for both of us. Seamus being the oldest cowboy in the Kearney family and very proud of it.

We are both lookig forward to attending the reunion with some of our family and great friends.
Name: Helen Etherson
I'm Harry's daughter.Brilliant website Martin.Let's hope weather is good for our reunion.Looking forward to meeting everybody.
Name: Enda McAtamney

Does this mean that Barack is related to us all and if so will he be coming to the reunion?
Kearney Reunion 2008 Kearney Reunion 2008 Kearney Reunion 2008