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Name: Attracta Kearney
A Happy and Holy Christmas to all the clan.May your stockings be filled with love xx
Name: Michael Joseph Kearney
Great to see so many other Kearney's out there.
Name: Michael Kearney
thers a big kearney family here in huyton, liverpool. didnt realise how many more there was. great site.
Name: Michael J Kearney
In  the  name  of  our  Victorious & Blessed  KEARNEY forefathers,  I  would  like  to  continue  the  strong  blessings  on  our  future  sons  and  daughters and  our  Glorious  Kearney  name.
I  was  born  in  Dumbarton  Scotland,  now  living  in  London  and  Jamaica. Great  to  hear  from  my  family!  Stay  Blessed  eternally..........Cool!
Name: Eamonn Kearney
Congratulations, Kearneys! Wonderful page.
Name: Mary McKenna
Congratulations on your new grandchild, Olive!  Don't spoil him too much.
Name: Olive
Just to let you all know that there has been an addition to the clan.  Enda & Loiuse had a young son (9lbs 2oz) on 10 Sept 09. All Well, making that 2 sons & 2 daughters.
Name: agnes gavin
it was very interesting to read this site. I was at college with a Martin Kearney and his mother would have been called Teresa and she went to Omagh Convent.
Name: john kearney
Ilive in birkenhead i am proud to be a kearney 2206 1961
Name: Martin (Johns)
Hope to get the website brought up to date soon.  If you have any updates, and sadly there have been some bereavements, send me an email vis the Guestbook.  Will keep you informed of the re-launch
Name: sean (Franks)
it is with great sadness that cousin michael(Dans) Has passed away suddenly last thursday 13th August 2009,may he rest in peace he will be greatly missed as the one who kept in touch with us all and for the  kind things he done and never mentioned  We send our support and sympathy to Thomas ,Kay, Lorna ,Loretta,Dympna ,maeve,Roisin ,the children and all those who were close to him  
Sean on behalf of us all
Name: paula(ned grandaughter)
Great night sat!! got to meet and chat with afew more of the clan.orla brenda and i up for the next one !
Name: Olive
Great night last Sat. Congrats. again to all the organisers. Looking forward to the next!!!
Name: Attracta Kearney(Pat's)
       A Sweet Memory

For Una O'Hanlon (Pat's), Mairead McIlwee (Pat's), Seamus Kearney (Harry's).

Tonight we come together
From all across the land
To celebrate our heritage
And dance to Martin's band.

Frank's Sean he did the posting
For all to read online.
He hopes that all is going well -
Sure everything is fine!

Our Grand Papas and dear Nanas
I'm sure are proud of us,
Our fathers and our mothers too
Will smile at all the fuss.

Here's thanks to each one of them all
For raising us with glory,
Let's ne'er forget their loving care
For they began this story.

When Granda James came down to see
My Dad, my Mum and me
He'd take me up upon his lap
For I was only three.

His charcoal suit with waistcoat
Dressed a mighty frame;
A pocket watch, a silver 'tache
And at the door his cane.

He loved the tea and soda bread
From mother's floury hand,
Then from his inside pocket came
The best that I could stand.

A small white bag was given me,
Still in my mind a fixture,
The contents oh so colourful:
A bunch of dolly mixture!

In latter years my mum would say
'Twas Granda James who told her
To take a day off every week
For she'd plenty things to shoulder.

It's great to be among you all
And hear a lot more tales,
So as the night progresses on
Let's boost the Wild Duck's sales!

We'll raise a toast to all the clan
And treasure this great night,
With praise and thanks to everyone
It's here that I'll take flight.

         Attracta Kearney (Pat's)
Name: attracta kearney and family {Pat 's)
So   oo  , a great night was had by all. Everything went so fast. Which means we have to have the same next year , God sparing.Sincere thanks to ALL the organizers.
Kearney Reunion 2008 Kearney Reunion 2008 Kearney Reunion 2008