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Name: Deus Kearney (John)
Some years ago, I worked with my Mother (RIP) and Aunt Georgie  putting the correct names on on the picture taken at the 1958 reunion.  It was quite a task given the number of children in the front rows.  Lucky, Georgie had some extra pictures taken that day  that helped identify  the younger ones.  I know there are mistakes on this list. Martin tells me that  we had one of the Higgins brothers  missing who was there. There still remains an unknown person on the 5th row between  Jo O'Donnell and Pauline Kearney. Who is this?  They must be related to us! Can anyone help identify this person now in their early 50's and correct any other errors  in  the list of those who attended  the 1958 reunion.
Name: Clare McKenna
Clare McKenna (daughter of Jim Kearney and granddaughter of Ned )

Great web site, hope to see all in July. Would like to say a special hello to Mary McKenna in Canada Daughter of Bridie.
Just like to let you know that I am married to a cousin of your Father Sean McKenna of Maghera, whose grandfather and your grandfather would have been brothers!  Small world.
Name: Grainne Kearney
(Daughter of 'Big Sean' - one of the comittee members) Hopefully I will have some artwork displayed at the reunion. If you would like to see the work I've done for my degree show at the art college, Belfast - you can visit my website You are also very welcome to come to the exhibition from the 9th - 14th June '08 in the Art college, York Street, Belfast.

Well done on the site, its v professional and the reunion is a fantastic idea! Hopefully my generation can pull off a similar one in years to come. :) xx
Name: Helen Ashley
Hi All, I am the grandaughter of Dan & Kay Kearney, daughter of Dympna & Colin.

Unfortunatley I will not be able to attend the reunion as on holiday in Cuba, getting a tan!!!

Hopefully my mum, dad & sister Kay (Granny's namesake) will be coming over from England for all the fun.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Good luck with all the plans!

See the rest of you in the Duck sometime in the summer! x
Name: mary mcguiggan
Fantastic  Martin, Sean  and  all  of  your  committee. I am  not  a  daughter  of  any  Kearney  but  a  grand-daughter  of  Teady  McErlean. That  makes  me  a  Kearney  cousin  (John's)  and  hope  I  pass  the  test  and  am eligible  for  the  week-end!!!!
You  are  celebrating  an  achievement  of  a  life-time  and  I  will  be  there (invited  or  not)....
Name: Kathryn Kearney
Hi again;
oh yeah...

you know I said my dad is Patrick Kearney Una's son well I realised there are a LOT of Patrick Kearneys and Una's out there so sorry if you got a bit confused!
Name: Dannie Cushley
I am the grandson of Dan and Kay Kearney.
I am currently residing in Australia and I will hopefully be out here for most of the year working.  I unforunatly will not be able to attend the reunion because of this reason but I hope its a good night for all concerned!!
I am really happy I have a chance to look back and see my family's heritage.  
Great work on the website!!
Name: Kathryn k
Ned kearney is my great grandad and eddie is my grandad ps why is there not more generations on the family tree?????
Name: Kathryn Kearney
i am kathryn and my dad is patrick kearney, Una's son and unfortunately we cannot come to the reninuion this year =( but i think this website is really good

Love kathryn

PS: i am 12 now!!
Name: Louise O'Neill
I am the granddaughter of Agnes and daughter to Harry.  Fantastic website pictures and information are excellent keep up the good work.  Looking forward to the 3 day event in July.  Hope to see you all there.
Name: Mary McKenna Mick/Bridie
Hi, Folks,

I realize that most of you live in Ireland, and that most know each other.  But, as someone who lives in the Colonies, and who hasn't been in Ireland since 1969, it would be helpful (and interesting) if you would  identify your location when you write in.  This is a wonderful forum and I'd love to know how far we've spread since Bridie (my Mom) made that first journey away.


Mary (Ottawa, Canada)
Name: Neil Higgins
Grandson of Agnes - Very impressed with the web site and looking forward to the big event!!  Keep up the good work.
Name: Maeve Cushley (Late Dan & Kay Kearneys Daughter)
A wonderful website, keep up the good work!
Name: Brenda Oueslati (Sheila's daughter)
Very impressed with the website. Have been in New York the last 17 years! Decided to return the saying goes...there's no place like home!!!! looking forward to the reunion.
Name: John Kearney (John's John))
Martin congratulations on the site, pictures are good and there is lots of information Sorry l did not get to the last reunion in 58 but then l am the younger of this generation
Look forward to July
Best wishes to all
John Kearney (Wee John)
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