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Name: Martin (Johns)
Photographs will all be delivered to your family contact Thursday/Friday.  Send your comments to the website.  589 Kearneys, quite a statement.  A limited number of extra photographs available, order via website or your family contact.  
Name: Martin (Johns)
Hope to collect the photographs tonight (Tuesday).  Will distribute asap, 180 ordered, some extras available.  Any other orders must be placed soon.  Order through the guestbook or your family rep.  A DVD of the Friday night photos will soon be available, of excellent quality.  Keep checking the guestbook
Name: Patricia McLernon (Jane's)
Oh boy were we so lucky on the week-end of our reunion weather wise! Since then it has not stopped raining. I have no doubt all our clan were looking down on us and smiling from above at the great achievement of getting as many as possible of the conection together for a memorable week-end. Was really nice to meet up with everyone, days like that are precious. As the saying goes yesterday was history, tomorrow is mystery, so live to-day to the full!!!!!
Name: Attracta Kearney
Have been asked to put this little contribution on the web so here goes......  

    "The Rosemount Brood."
Because there are so many,I've had to cut it down, so if you are not mentioned do'nt let me see a frown.
Big Pat,the Captain,wrote manys a word
and spoke them all so well.
Thank God,for him,that guided me
and for this story tell.
It was at his sisters wedding,my mother he did meet.
And 7-10 years later was the patter of 20 feet.
Yes Patricia is the oldest
and now you know her age
from then t'il now and all those years she never once showed rage.
Seamus is the serious one
  and is the spit of Barney.
John Higgins and himself went wild ---A roaming in Killarney!
Maire Bradley--what can I say-about you- to be fair?
You married John,you carry on
his lovely Derry Air.
Sinead Jane T was my best friend when we were growing up,
she was the heart of corn to all
and makes a descent cup.
Wee Una,dearest,Idid not know or have the chance to meet.
'Tho every day and come what may
I feel she's at my feet.
Next to Una is Mairead--who got the name of Girtie!
"CLEAN YOUR FEET",you'd here her shout
  her floors you dared not dirty.  
Big Donal was a mighty one especially on the pitch.
That was of course when all was well and
his car not in the ditch.
And manys a scrap Don said he had
our mothers heart near broken
'Til Richard Carey would say to her
Aunt Mary Ann he's joking.
Eugene Sylvarius was so sweet
       with curls so fair and soft.
And one of his great pastimes
  was playing inventor in the loft.
To make it all fall into place,
  I'll give myself a mention
for telling tales on the older ones
would not be my intention.
I'm proud to be a part of them
   would have no other way
I hope the feeling's mutual
  when 'er they have their say.
OUR BABY of the family is Benedict or Benny
when he was wee and me just three
   I'd fight him for a penny.
To ask him then what I was called
he'd cringe and purse his lips
and with a little squeaky voice
he'd whisper and say "Zedda".
I could go on and on and on
    but here will down the pen.
But not before I tell you all about our Mother hen.
She was the cog upon the wheel
and kept us all from bother.
I stand here tall and speak for all:
We Love You Dearest MOTHER.

      July 2008
          Attracta Kearney
Name: attractakearney
hey Donal and Sandie and all the families so glad to here from you! It was a great reunion you were all missed. So happy you can catch up on the web site.The organizers did such a great job. Watch out for the photographs. Lots of love to you all from Attracta and family.
Name: Donal Kearney (Pat and Mary Ann's son)
Congratulations on a wonderful site, great to catch up with family stories and identities. It's like having you in my living room. Nice to read comments from my family members and to read the Kearney history. Unfortunately I couldn't make the reunion this time. Best wishes to all, from Donal, Sandra, Ben, Robyn and their brood (Sophie, Lachlan and Cooper), Seamus and Sharyn and the little one on the way.  From Qld. Australia.  PS Don't forget to visit us...
Name: Mairead Etherson
Many thanks to Eamon Kearney for sharing his fantastic photographs with us.They will ensure the memories of that very special weekend will stay with us always.
Name: malachy mulholland
Damien Kearney
Damien have to say am very impressed with family reunion web site i will try an find out more about kearneys town at gawleys gate for you .
malachy mulholland
Name: Pauline McMullan
Saw this on the BBC News, quite an interesting article

Barack Obama's Irish roots have been strengthened, with the discovery that a distant ancestor was a Dublin wigmaker.

Genealogists now believe the US Presidential hopeful is descended from an 18th century Dublin businessman.

Previous records found Mr Obama's fourth great-grandfather was a shoemaker in the midlands village of Moneygall, whose son Fulmuth Kearney left for the US in 1850.

But researchers at Trinity College, Dublin, delved further into the would-be-president's colourful past to find his sixth great-granduncle was a prominent Dublin businessman in the 1700s.

Wig-maker Michael Kearney brushed shoulders with Ireland's aristocracy on a daily basis and bought and sold property throughout the city and parts of the country.

Research director with the Trinity company heritage group Eneclann Fiona Fitzsimons said they were amazed by the discovery.

"I didn't expect this," she said.

"When we started off we had Joseph Kearney, shoemaker, that sounded like a country shopkeeper. We were surprised to find any link to Dublin at all.

"He (Michael) made his money from periwigs and perukes, but then he invested the profits from that in a lot of property.

"I think we found 16 deeds in the registry of deeds and some of those refer to other deeds which we didn't find."

His wig company - regarded as an exclusive and profitable trade at the time - was located just metres from Dublin Castle - the then seat of British power in Ireland.

In the 18th century wigs were worn by the aristocracy, professionals and gentry so Kearney would have been mixing with the elite of the Irish capital on a daily basis.

His business dealings also afforded him the opportunity to become a Freeman of Dublin in 1718 and he ended up very active in the politics of his trade guild.

Within a decade of joining he was elected Master of the Guild of Barber Surgeons.

Not afraid of confrontation, when the aristocracy tried to rig Dublin City Council elections in the 1750s to put in their own candidates Kearney was prominent among the Dublin Guildsmen in opposing them.

After the 1780s the fortunes of this line of the Kearney family declined due to a combination of the economic changes brought about after the Act of Union in 1801 and the decline in the fashion of wig wearing.

In May last year, a Church of Ireland rector found Mr Obama's fourth great grandfather - Joseph Kearney - was a shoemaker from Moneygall in County Offaly, whose son Fulmuth emigrated for the US in 1850.

Mr Obama, a married father of two daughters, was born in Hawaii in 1961, to Kenyan Barack Obama Senior and Ann Dunham, from Kansas.

He graduated from Columbia University in 1983 and moved to Chicago in 1985 before studying at Harvard Law School where he was the first African American president of the Harvard Law Review.

Name: mary mcguiggan
What  an  achievement !!!! To  you all  especially  sean and  martin , for  having the  courage  and  initative  to  even  consider  such  an  undertaking!!!! and  to  Harry for  the  task  of  treasurer... not  an  easy  one  Harry (esp. when  you  get  accused of  embezzling  funds!!!
And  what  a  committee..( it  wouldn't  have  worked  without  all  of your  skills.) I know  you  are  meeting  up  tonight and  I  trust  you  will  take  time  to  appreciate  the  joy, the craic  and  the  renewed and  new  relationships  we  have  all  made.
I  had  a  wonderful  weekend (not  the  better  of it  yet, mind  you!!)  and I  am  looking  forward  to  meeting  with  you  all again in  the  NEAR  future!!!
Name: Martin (Johns)
Last Committee Meeting in Martins on Wednesday next at 7.30 p.m.  Please forward all bills to Harry as soon as possible.
Name: Kenna Draper
I'm Kenna (Mick/Bridie) I had a great time at the family reunion. It's so sad to leave and not see my cousins for a long time. I hope I will see every one soon maybe in Canada!  

Kenna, Ottawa, Canada
Name: Thomas(youngest son of Jane Carey)
I can't thank enough the organising committee for the great week end we had last week end. It exceeded all my expectations. I have nothing but praise for the whole event and especially those who organised it. I wish I could relive it. It was great to meet cousins and friends in what was a loving atmosphere - a real family celebration. The Mass was for me the highlight and Fr Edmund a tonic. I hope there will be more of this. God bless to all.
Name: Jim, Margaret & family (Main Street)
Thanks to Martin and each member of the reunion committee for the brilliant organisation of the 3 day event.  A special thank you to Sr Jane (Sheena) and Fr Edmund for the preparation and celebration of the memorable Thanksgiving Mass.  Thank God for the beautiful weather on the 25th, 26th and 27th July 2008 when all the families joined together for a fantastic Kearney reunion.  Best wishes to all!!!
Name: Martin (John)
I read in today's 'Irish News' a memorium entry on the 25th Anniversary of the death of Eamon Kearney, Antrim.  It reads 'Kearney, Eamon, 25th Anniversary, killed at Belfast International Airport, Section Leader Airport Fire Service, Sub/Officer Antrim Fire Station.  Uncle Eamon, a truly wonderful person and an amazing friend who will always remain deeply missed.  Very fondly remembered and never forgotten by Declan, Dympna, Ciaran, Jarlath and Aidan and wide circle of family and friends.  
Kearney Reunion 2008 Kearney Reunion 2008 Kearney Reunion 2008