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Name: Adrian Gilmore
Hi, my name is Adrian Gilmore, son of Elizabeth Gilmore nee Carey and grand son of Jane Carey.  Been hearing all about the upcoming weekend's events from Mum.  Looks like it's going to be an amazing occasion, which is quite disappointing as I will be away on hols in the South of France.  Hope you all have a great time and the sun shines for you all weekend.  Best wishes to you all.
Name: Kenna Draper
Hi I'm Kenna and I am 9 years old. I'm Bridie's granddaughter and I live in Ottawa, Canada. I can't wait to go to Ireland to see everyone at the reumion.
Name: Agatha Lyons (daughter of Ned's Jean)
I'm from the quiet Kearney family (the O'Donnells!!!) Joking aside before you all rebel, I dont think there is a quiet Kearney.

Prior to this the only time we meet the extended family is at wakes and funerals and so often we have said it'd be a great idea to meet up on brighter occasions and now is our chance - mind you three nights will be fun!!

All my brothers and sisters are hard grafters and have our parents Willie John and Jean to thank for the work ethic -not millionaires yet!

Worked in Lourdes for last number of years alongside Claire Mc Henry (Dr) and just last week in Lourdes realised she is Breda's daughter and is for the reunion. Claire we'll keep what happens in Lourdes to ourselves.

Look forward to the crack next weekend

Name: Oliver (Rosemary+John)
I'm Oliver, eldest son of Martin and Grace currently living in Stockport, England. I am really gutted I can't make the family reunion next week as I have previously booked holidays. The website looks great and the weekend is action packed. I'm sure all will have a great time for friends old and new. Slan go fhoill.
Name: Martin (Johns)
It is with great sadness that we record the death of Jimmy Kearney (Bellaghy).  Jimmy was buried today Wednesday 16th July in Aughnahoy after Requiem Mass in St. Mary's Bellaghy.  A great character, he will be sadly missed. May he rest in peace.
Name: Donna Quigg
Hi.  My mum is Jean Quigg, daughter of Margaret Etherson (Kearney).  Just wanted to say the website looks fantastic so well done to all the organisers!!  Really looking forward to the reunion (it will also be doubling up as my 30th birthday party so there will be an even bigger excuse for a party!!)  Can't wait to see you all there. Donna
Name: Attracta (pat's) and Jane
Brilllant much more to look at since i've last been on.
Really excited to catch up with everyone again, ive been told Maire Bradley (Pat's) is inviting everyone down to her house in Donegal after the weekends activities....her partying days havn't ceased since her younger days!!!!

I think seamus (pat's) is running a free bar too!!!!!!

....see you all soon.
Name: Anne Connolly (Gemma/Mick's))
I'm one of the Canadian connection who can't make it over for the reunion as we're awaiting the arrival of the newest member of our clan....My sister, Carol, is expecting her first baby in a couple of weeks.  We regret missing this wonderful family celebration but are looking forward to welcoming our  little bundle.  Thanks for the website, it helps us still feel connected...Have a great time!
Name: Martin (Johns)
Please browse the updated Itinerary.  It is vital for the smooth running of this Reunion that you book for the various Functions with your Family Contact viz. the Friday Night Dinner, the Saturday Cruise, the Sunday Closing Meal.  Your friends and neighbours are welcome to the Saturday evening Event in the old Factory.  
Only 14 days to go, please try to fill out your Who's Who details and don't leave it to the last minute.  
Remember the Saturday night entertainment is provided by the 13 families, be it a recitation, a song, recalling days gone bye, jokes, and of course don't forget the young ones.  
Up to tonight 1261 unique visitors have visited this Website 2500 times, and we are now entering the busiest period.  
If you have any suggestions for the Reunion contact your Family Contact.
Name: Sean ( Franks )
words cannot  convey just how heart warming all your emails are and no doubt  underlines how important we all regard this reunion. At this point thank you all for now . They are all with us you know that is our parents and grand parents in spirit  and will be  joining in the celebration  all the best for now see you there sean
Name: maureen hession (harrys daughter)
Congratulations to all concerned in organising this reunion.What afantastic web site.I am really looking foward to catching up with all my cousins,inlaws and outlaws!!Seeyou all on 25th 26th and 27th July.
Name: Annie Kearney
I'm married to Seamus and I live in Mount Gawn.Really impressed with the website and appreciate all the hard work of the committee.Looking forward to meeting everyone.
Name: From Patricia, eldest of Pat
I would like to share with you some memories of Lisnagarran, where I lived up to the age of 15. At that time, the homestead was much as it was in the days when grandpa James lived there.
In 1946 my parents, Pat & Mary Ann, took over Lisnagarran, when grandpa James and grandma Jane moved to Mount Gawn. Before then, my parents lived at the Crosshill, Lisnahuncheon, which had been the former home of the O'Haras, the family of grandma Jane. I was six years old then and only my brother, Seamus and sisters, Maire and Sinead, had been born at the time.
The farm at Lisnagarran was approached down a long, winding lane. The lane crossed a stone bridge and continued past rows of plum trees, before sloping down into a hollow, where the house and outbuildings sat on either side of a stone-flagged yard. On the right was the house, a whitewashed single-storey dwelling, with a thatched roof. Across the yard to the left of the house was the barn and byre and straight across the yard from the front door, stood the dairy. This is where the milk was kept cool and where my mother made butter. On either side of the dairy and beyond was an extensive orchard of fruit trees.
The front door of the house led directly into the kitchen, which had a cement floor. The bottom half of the walls were lined with wood-panel wainscotting - a Tilley lamp hung down from the ceiling. To the right of the door a wooden table sat in front of the window and on the windowsill was a large wireless. Beyond this a doorway led to the main bedroom, which had two windows looking out to the front. In the chimney alcove to the left of this bedroom door, a "Modern Mistress" range had replaced the open grate many years before. Here the kettle boiled, the tea brewed and sodas were baked on the griddle. A long brown leather sofa rested against the back wall of the house. To the right of this was a window and to the left a doorway led into the scullery. From here a door led out to the back of the house, where fresh water was drawn from a nearby pump. A mahogany cabinet took up most of the wall opposite the range. It had wooden doors below and the top half had glass doors, which almost rose as high as the ceiling. To the left of this, a doorway led into a bedroom at the front of the house. A doorway in this bedroom, led to another bedroom, which overlooked the back of the house. This was the full extent of the dwelling.
The lane continued on beyond the yard and shortly afterwards branched off to the left. This led up to the home of Grandpa James' brother, John.
John was married to Rose Casey and they were blessed with seven children: Pat, Johnny, Mickey, Eamonn, Bridget, Sarah (all deceased) and Jimmy (now living in South Derry).
Over the following years, five more children were born to my parents in Lisnagarran: Mairead, Una (sadly died, aged 18 months), Donal, Eugene and Attracta.. In 1954, we moved to the Townhill Road 'Rosemount'- and it was after this that my youngest brother, Benny, was born.
Name: Maria Macken
I am fifteen years old, I live in Dalkey Co. Dublin. My mum is Gerry, daughter of Brendan and Joy and she was in the original photo. Looking forward to the reunion.
Name: Breda(Jimmy) Marie(Barney)
Just been browsing - finding  a few names we haven't heard of in ages. Looking forward to seeing everyone as it is a long time since the last reunion and we're too young to remember!
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