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Name: Francis (Frank)Kearney
Name: Francis (Frank)Kearney
Been reading all about the Kearney family and would love to fit in somewhere along the line My dad ,granddad, aunts and uncles all had surnames to your family.
Name: sean kearney(Frank's)
Our Sympathy to Mairead's (Uncle Pat and Aunt Maryann) Family, Shane, Clare and Oliver  on her passing .May She rest In Peace. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
Name: John's Martin
Sadly we record the passing of Pat's Mairead and extend the sympathy of the whole Kearney connection to her husband Oliver, Shane and Clare and the wider family circle. Go ndéanfaigh Dia trocáire ar a anam.  May she rest in peace.
Name: Aoife McAtamney (Olive, Mick)
I had a brilliant time I the reunion, I never thought I had such a big family! I hope I can go to the next one!

Name: Kenna Draper
Hi everybody i'm Kenna [Mick,Bridie] I had such a good time in Ireland. I hope to see some family members in Canada. see everyone soon.
Name: attractakearney Pat's
would just like to add that our year group from '67 at St. Mary's Clady College had our follow up on Saturday evening on The Maid of Antrim to Coney island with music craic and b b q on island.was brilliant fun and enlightening was so glad to learn that the skipper and owner of the great boat has a special trip every Thursday night.I'm sure going to partake with family and friends. like myself who did'nt get the opportunity on our reunion to board the Maid of Antrim,one of these Thursday nights.
Name: Martin (Johns)
Hope you are enjoying the Kearney Photograph.  Some copies still available.  Contact any of the Committee.  Over 2,800 unique visitors so far to this Website!
Name: Nolín Freeman (Margaret, Danny's daughter)
Hi all, Arrived back in Oz safe and sound, just showing Simon all the photos of what was a great weekend. So great to see all my aunts/uncles/cousins and  2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th cousins.... It was a fantastic weekend packed full of great memories. The website is fantastic, a great tribute to all the Kearneys! Lots of love Nolín, Simon and Daniel Freeman, Ballina NSW, Australia.
Name: mary mcguiggan
now that I have a little more time I would love to contact a few women that I made a special connection with .
so if you have an e-mail address please forward:

Clare Etherson( Patsy's wife)
Would that be (margaret's)

jennifer ( fran's daughter)
I think MICK'S

catherine (Brendan's daughter)
I hope Jimmy's
Trying so hard to learn this incredible family tree

I think if we work hard (the 4 of us) we will win the prize --at the next reunion-- for answering questions on the family tree!!!!

Great to have met you.
A weekend is too short!!
You need a  week LIKE THE M'Erleans!!!!!
Name: sean kearney(Frank's)
i would have loved to give every  man woman and child in the clan a plaque for  being supportive by word deed or thought for such a wonderful gathering which was a prayer in the most powerful way for us all and for all the deceased who have gone before us and for new life which is in abundance . All your kindness and generousity of spirit  far outweighs shortcomings that we all experience in lifes journey.
Sean ( chair of the commitee)
Name: Martin (Johns)
Photographs will all be delivered to your family contact Thursday/Friday.  Send your comments to the website.  589 Kearneys, quite a statement.  A limited number of extra photographs available, order via website or your family contact.  
Name: Martin (Johns)
Hope to collect the photographs tonight (Tuesday).  Will distribute asap, 180 ordered, some extras available.  Any other orders must be placed soon.  Order through the guestbook or your family rep.  A DVD of the Friday night photos will soon be available, of excellent quality.  Keep checking the guestbook
Name: Patricia McLernon (Jane's)
Oh boy were we so lucky on the week-end of our reunion weather wise! Since then it has not stopped raining. I have no doubt all our clan were looking down on us and smiling from above at the great achievement of getting as many as possible of the conection together for a memorable week-end. Was really nice to meet up with everyone, days like that are precious. As the saying goes yesterday was history, tomorrow is mystery, so live to-day to the full!!!!!
Name: Attracta Kearney
Have been asked to put this little contribution on the web so here goes......  

    "The Rosemount Brood."
Because there are so many,I've had to cut it down, so if you are not mentioned do'nt let me see a frown.
Big Pat,the Captain,wrote manys a word
and spoke them all so well.
Thank God,for him,that guided me
and for this story tell.
It was at his sisters wedding,my mother he did meet.
And 7-10 years later was the patter of 20 feet.
Yes Patricia is the oldest
and now you know her age
from then t'il now and all those years she never once showed rage.
Seamus is the serious one
  and is the spit of Barney.
John Higgins and himself went wild ---A roaming in Killarney!
Maire Bradley--what can I say-about you- to be fair?
You married John,you carry on
his lovely Derry Air.
Sinead Jane T was my best friend when we were growing up,
she was the heart of corn to all
and makes a descent cup.
Wee Una,dearest,Idid not know or have the chance to meet.
'Tho every day and come what may
I feel she's at my feet.
Next to Una is Mairead--who got the name of Girtie!
"CLEAN YOUR FEET",you'd here her shout
  her floors you dared not dirty.  
Big Donal was a mighty one especially on the pitch.
That was of course when all was well and
his car not in the ditch.
And manys a scrap Don said he had
our mothers heart near broken
'Til Richard Carey would say to her
Aunt Mary Ann he's joking.
Eugene Sylvarius was so sweet
       with curls so fair and soft.
And one of his great pastimes
  was playing inventor in the loft.
To make it all fall into place,
  I'll give myself a mention
for telling tales on the older ones
would not be my intention.
I'm proud to be a part of them
   would have no other way
I hope the feeling's mutual
  when 'er they have their say.
OUR BABY of the family is Benedict or Benny
when he was wee and me just three
   I'd fight him for a penny.
To ask him then what I was called
he'd cringe and purse his lips
and with a little squeaky voice
he'd whisper and say "Zedda".
I could go on and on and on
    but here will down the pen.
But not before I tell you all about our Mother hen.
She was the cog upon the wheel
and kept us all from bother.
I stand here tall and speak for all:
We Love You Dearest MOTHER.

      July 2008
          Attracta Kearney
Kearney Reunion 2008 Kearney Reunion 2008 Kearney Reunion 2008