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Name: Martin (Johns)
This site has now been visited over 1,300 times.  Make sure that every member of your family knows about it.  Next Committee Meeting Tuesday at 7.30 p.m.
Name: Barbara Kearney
Hello, Myself and my son Brian have just spent a very enjoyable hour browsing this wonderful site. Full of lots of familar faces, and looking forward to meeting everyone in July.
Name: Mary McKenna (Mick/Bridie)
I need to brag.  Shauna Gray (Mick/Bridie/Liz), my niece, graduated yesterday from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor's Degree in Education (cum laude).  This follows a Bachelor of Arts degree in linguistics from Carleton University last year.  Shauna is Bridie's first grandchild to graduate from university.  Mom would have been so proud!  Well done, Shauna!

p.s.  As this is the season for graduations and accomplishments, I hope everyone will brag about their kids.
Name: Lesa Kearney
Hello, I am Lesa, granddaughter of Pat & Mary Ann, daughter of Eugene & Theresa.  I married an englishman and we live in London and with two children of our own - Archie and Eva, who both have Kearney as their middle name.  
This website gives a very impressive account and I am hoping that it will continue on after July with all of the records, speeches and photos made then.  A sincere congratulations and thank you to all involved.
Name: Barbara Jemphrey
I'm Barbara and i am 15 years old! I am a daughter of Juliana Kearney and a granddaughter of Brian kearney(Ballymena). This website is a really good idea and is very interesting. I will see you all at the barbeque. Good luck with the planning!
Name: Eleanor McBennett (Mick/Seamus)
Absolutely wonderful website and incredible amount of detail included. Ray and I have 4 children (had 5), Elsa, Andrew, Leah Jennifer (& Amy) & live in Newcastle, Co. Dublin. Really looking forward to attending the reunion. Can I make a suggestion that the descendents of each family wear say a specific coloured ribbon to distinguish them e.g. Red for Mick's, Blue for John's etc. as I am quite sure some of us won't have a notion whos who & it would be nice to meet as many relations as possible! Really looking forward to meeting you all (or some of you!) Eleanor.
Name: Michael Patrick Kearney
What a great website, and I read every page of it with great interest.  I am descended from a line of Kearneys from the area around Dungiven in Co. Derry.  My GrGrGrGrandfather was Francis Kearney and he was from the townland of Brackaghlislea in Co. Derry.

Obviously the close proximity of your Kearney family has peaked my interest as I have for a long time been trying to connect to Kearney relatives in Ireland.

We have been to Ireland 3 times in the past 8 years and cannot wait to return again.

I would be very interested in hearing from any of the Kearneys of Portglenone to explore further the possibility of a link to our families.

Thanks for making such an incredible website available to all others interested in the Kearney family and best of luck with the reunion in July.

Michael Kearney
Baltimore, Maryland USA
Name: Sean Quigg
My name is Sean Quigg, son of Jean Quigg (nee Etherson) who is a daughter of Margaret Kearney.  
Great website.  Am looking forward to it birthday is 25th too !
My wife is expecting our first baby soon so all being well we hope to bring the family !
Name: Marie Nelis & Maire bradley
Hi to all Kearneys, this is Marie Nelis, Derry, granddaughter of Pat and Mary-Anne, Rosemount, daughter of Maire Bradley, we are both having a great time looking at the website -thanks to all the organisors - it is indeed a moment of history and a great source of info about the family for future generations. Mum says "It brought back lovely memories of the first reunion back in 1958 and looking forward to seeing all the clan later this year. Love "Pat's Maire.""
Name: Melissa Crawford
This is fascinating reading and a very impressive website by all accounts. There is so much research and all the hard work has paid off. You should be very proud! I am Pat & Mary ann's grand daughter, and I have twin daughters Lily & Grace who are not much older now than the twins in the 1958 picture! Love the website.Well done
Name: Martin Kearney (Johns)
Already 350 people have visited this website over 700 times.  Please make sure everyone of the 13 families knows about it.  Watch out for a number of changes to the reunion itinerary next week.  A number of families still haven't forwarded their families trees.  Come on !!    
Name: Deus Kearney (John)
Some years ago, I worked with my Mother (RIP) and Aunt Georgie  putting the correct names on on the picture taken at the 1958 reunion.  It was quite a task given the number of children in the front rows.  Lucky, Georgie had some extra pictures taken that day  that helped identify  the younger ones.  I know there are mistakes on this list. Martin tells me that  we had one of the Higgins brothers  missing who was there. There still remains an unknown person on the 5th row between  Jo O'Donnell and Pauline Kearney. Who is this?  They must be related to us! Can anyone help identify this person now in their early 50's and correct any other errors  in  the list of those who attended  the 1958 reunion.
Name: Clare McKenna
Clare McKenna (daughter of Jim Kearney and granddaughter of Ned )

Great web site, hope to see all in July. Would like to say a special hello to Mary McKenna in Canada Daughter of Bridie.
Just like to let you know that I am married to a cousin of your Father Sean McKenna of Maghera, whose grandfather and your grandfather would have been brothers!  Small world.
Name: Grainne Kearney
(Daughter of 'Big Sean' - one of the comittee members) Hopefully I will have some artwork displayed at the reunion. If you would like to see the work I've done for my degree show at the art college, Belfast - you can visit my website You are also very welcome to come to the exhibition from the 9th - 14th June '08 in the Art college, York Street, Belfast.

Well done on the site, its v professional and the reunion is a fantastic idea! Hopefully my generation can pull off a similar one in years to come. :) xx
Name: Helen Ashley
Hi All, I am the grandaughter of Dan & Kay Kearney, daughter of Dympna & Colin.

Unfortunatley I will not be able to attend the reunion as on holiday in Cuba, getting a tan!!!

Hopefully my mum, dad & sister Kay (Granny's namesake) will be coming over from England for all the fun.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Good luck with all the plans!

See the rest of you in the Duck sometime in the summer! x
Kearney Reunion 2008 Kearney Reunion 2008 Kearney Reunion 2008