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Name: patrick kearney
I am patrick eldest son of jim
grandson of ned and mary.
I live in phila usa with my wife
chrissy ,and two sons pairic and sean.   Would love to be there but cannot make it .Congratulations to everyone who have put so much time and effort into the website and all the events in the weekend ahead . enjoy the weekend   slan
Name: katie mullan
hello i am katie mullan i live in coleraine and i am a grandaughter of brendan and joy kearney and im coming to the reunion on saturday and sunday. im really looking forward to meeting everyone and im really exicted about the reunion. Thanks to everyone involved in the organisation of the reunion. c u all there.
Name: Seana Kearney
Im Seana, Grandaughter of Franks (Seans daughter) Well done to Daddy & Martin and everyone else involved in the organising.
Name: Grainne Mc Cann
I'm the youngest daughter of Jim and grand daughter of Edward Kearney.  Just to congratulate all involved on this very interesting site.  Looking forward to meeting all this weekend!!!
Name: Gemma Colvin Mick's daughter
Oops! Carol and James'son is called William Marcel Kaminski!
Name: Gemma Colvin- Mick and Lizzie's daughter
Congratulations to Carol ( Gemma's daughter) and James on the birth of their son delivered by caesarean section on July 23rd at 4:43pm! T.G.Is he the youngest addition to the Kearney clan? Have a wonderful weekend!!
Name: Patricia, eldest of Pat
This poem was written by my father in 1927 when he was 29 years old. It was committed to memory and recited on occasion but had never been written down. One summer evening in August 1977 my father dictated it to my daughter, Una, and as a result I am able to share it with you today.

My father was often called upon to recite at weddings and other occasions. He revelled in providing such simple entertainments.

The Huncheon Motor Car

by Patrick Kearney

All of you who want a sweetheart,

Come be advised by me.

Just go along with the Huncheon Boys,

And you’ll get two or three.

They are a crowd of jolly boys,

And they travel near and far.

They get home at regular hours,

In the Huncheon Motor car

Charlie McGee he is the driver,

And a conceited boy is he.

For he can drive with one of his hands,

And a girl upon his knee

He has a provincial licence,

The police for to mar.

And he gives the boys a lively ride

In the Huncheon motor car.

Pat Kearney is the captain,

Of this famous motor bus.

And when he gives the order,

There is a bit of a fuss.

He is a very civil chap,

And is known here and far,

But he keeps good regulation,

In the Huncheon motor car.

They have a skilled mechanic,

And he is one of their own.

His name is Davy Dawson,

And he comes from Portglenone.

He keeps this vehicle in good trim,

For the journeys near and far.

And he swears there’s nothing on the road,

Could pass the Huncheon motor car.

This car was started for to run,

In nineteen twenty seven.

And if you got to sail in it,

You’d swear you were for heaven.

When Dawson gets up to his feet,

And shouts “pass us if you dare”.

And us travelling at 50 miles per hour,

In the Huncheon motor car.

Now there is a bus up in Cloughmills,

And they call it the Northern Star.

And they’re going to put it upon the road.

And scrap the motor car.
Name: Trevor Kearney
The youngest of "Robert Samual Kearney" I was very pleased when I discovered this very interesting site, many thanks.
Name: Thomas McErlean, Clady
Congrats to Martin and Sean and all the organisers. Hope you all have a truely memorable weekend. On behalf of all the McErlean clan wish to make a plea to the Kearney clan to stop their attempt to take over the McErleans. You started with Aunty Rosemary and have now  infiltrated the Kiernan, Breslin and the McGuiggans cousins. Who is next?
Name: Mary Deangelo, Casey, Kearney
I am the eldest daughter of Seamus and Freda and eldest grandchild of Mick and Lizzie (Loch Ryan).

Sadly I will not be able to attend this wonderful reunion as my daughter Hannah gets married in October in Ireland and I now live in Charlotte, NC. with my husband Jim.

I am so proud to be a Kearney and to be part of this great family.

Congratulations to all who put so much effort into this wonderful website and organising this 2008 reunion. Have lots of fun everybody, we will be thinking of you.
Name: Marie Doherty
On behalf of the Doherty family I want to Congratulate the Kearneys on their reunion.  When my family came into this parish 43 years ago the 'Kearneys' formed the backbone of this  parish. to this day they still make a massive contribution to all aspects of parish life.   Well done to all the organisers and all the best for the weekend - hopefully the weather holds up for you
Name: louise kearney aged 10
hello everyone.I live in Ballymena, and go to St.Colmcilles p.s. I cant wait to meet all my cousins this weekend. My dad has been talking abot it for weeks!!!!
Name: Mike McCollum (again)
I forgot to congratulate Cecilia and Owen on recently celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Thanks to all who attended that great party.
Name: Mike McCollum
Hello all. I am the oldest son of Cecilia (Mick/Lizzie's daughter) and Owen, saying hello from Toronto, Canada. Unfortunately, my family (wife Patricia and son Conor), will not be able to attend. We send our prayers and best wishes to all. Ireland is such a beautiful place with wonderful people, and I am sure we would have been treated to a smashing good time. I will be raising a glass to you all from Canada on that weekend.
The website is amazing. Congratulations to all involved in organizing the site and the weekend. Slainte!!
Name: Liam (eldest son Harry)
Have enjoyed browsing the website over the recent period. Absolutely excellent and brings back many fond memories - well done to all involved. Sadly cannot make the reunion due to an earlier committment but most of my family should be there at some time over the weekend  (Oran and Liam helping to run childrens sports)
Kearney Reunion 2008 Kearney Reunion 2008 Kearney Reunion 2008