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Name: Clare Etherson(Margaret)
Thrilled to have one the award for the 'Best Networker' at the Re-Union.  So sorry I wasn't there to collect it as we were 'On the Rocky Road to Dublin'!!! As you can see I didn't enjoy the weekend at all. Ha Ha. Well done to a fabulous hard working committee and all who helped out.  What a successfull weekend.  Granny Etherson would have been in her element if she was there.  She was a wonderful woman.  John often referred to her as "The Wee Woman".  She was a 'Wee' woman with a Big Heart and we all have very fond memories of her.  We all miss her baking, those lovely Soda Scones and the gathering in Killigullib on Sundays.  Here's to the next re-union.  
Name: Pauline McMullan (Agnes)
A big thank you to Martin, Sean and all the Committee (especially Uncle Harry) for all their hard work in making last weekend a great success.

I notice the Huncheon Motor Car poem on the website, it brought back fond memories of Margaret Etherson, (sister of my Granny Agnes), reciting it at my mum & dad's 25 wedding anniversay (which was 16 years ago) Margaret was almost 80 then and she recited it word perfect, I saw the video of this a few months ago and it was a lovely moment.

Thanks also to Damain O'Kane for his patience in taking people up and down the Bann all evening, my cousins and I had a lovely trip, never got to buy you that drink i promised you!

We (the whole McMullan family) had a wonderful weekend and my brother Declan and his wife Bridgeen are delighted to be the proud owners of the painting of Lisnagarran.

Thanks again to all those concerned.
Name: Emma Ramage
Granddaughter of Georgie and Harry and daughter of Maureen and Denis.  I am living in Edinburgh with my husband Andrew.  We are sorry we missed this big bash as we are well aware all Kearneys love a good party and a yak!  Well done on a fab website.  My husband nearly keeled over when he saw that the Kearneys made up 13% of the NI phonebook!  
Name: steven higgins
i was the cox for team agnes.sean you forgot about brian mooney so the teams were the same take it on the chin sean roll on 2009.
Name: Luke Hamilton
I am the eldest son of Mary Hamilton (O'Donnell), the eldest Daughter of Jean Kearney, who the eldest daughter of Ned Kearney. I am currently studying Chinese in University College Cork and will be going to Shanghai University for a year to study, two weeks from now. so if anyone finds themselves in China in the next year, look me up!

Sounds like the reunion was a big success, and I am very sorry to have missed it! (So is Ian Hamilton!) Hopefully I will make the next one in 50 years time!
Name: Byrne Family (Sheilas daughter)
Thanks to all involved in the organising of the reunion, we all enjoyed meeting everyone. Special thanks to Damian OKane for all the babysitting on his boat during the bbq...
who needs a nanny? same time next year Damian!!! ha!
Hugh thanks from the Byrne family!
Name: Jennifer Mullan (Mick)
Many thanks and congratulations to Martin, Sean and the hardworking committee for the most enjoyable weekend. Like a few others I was a little apprehensive about meeting up with this big clan but from Friday night I did not want to miss any other part of it.  My mum Mary will vouch for that as on Sunday evening she had to make her own way home as she wasnt sure what time she would get me out of Leighinmohr.  As well as meeting many of my dads first cousins I had the opportunity of meeting up with my own first cousins some of whom I had not met before and had travelled quite some distance.  
My only regret is that my dad Fran was not present - I know he would have enjoyed it thoroughly.    
Name: Sean ( Franks )
The Scattering Song
The Kearney Clan Came over the hill
Down the Bann Valley so ShadyThey whistled and Sang til the green woods rang
And the sun came up in the dawning
Ady do da de do da de,
ady do da de  dea a a ---
they whistled and sang til the green woods rang ,
For we are proud to be Kearney
And when we came to the chapel door,
on saturday morning quite early
We looked inside and assembled there ,
Five hundred Kearneys and counting
For Little did James and Sara Think,
We,ve spread to lands all over,
And we'll be glad til our dying day,
to stand here shoulder to shoulder,
So as we depart this reunion today,
Let us all rememder,
that we all have had a wonder ful time,
Never to be forgotten
(air of the gypsey rover)

Name: sharon spence
im louise mcatamney's mum (anna adams) workpal and i just think its a bril idea to have a reunion on the web hope u all had a great dayxxx
Name: Sean ( Franks )
hard luck team frank sean kearney,brendan kearney,eamon kearney,gerard etherson,paul regan,paul mawhinney,eugene mcfall, you held well against nine the prospects are good for the next one 2009 ,new footwear ordered .
Name: kevin higgins (agnes)
who won the tug of war this afternoon. Team members
declan Mc mullan daniel mcmullan sean mcmullan colm higgins brian higgins steven higgins john condron neil higgins kevin higgins  
beat a kearney select 2/0
Name: Anne West
What a wonderful site, you all have a family to be proud of. I am a friend of Louise McAtamney's mum and would love to be going to your re-union. Does anyone fancy adopting me (quickly) so as I can attend the "Bash" !!! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend. Looking forward to seeing all the "snaps".
Name: Willie John O'Donnell
Hi everyone Willie John O' Donnell here, youngest son of Jean Kearney RIP ( Ned's daughter) who was maried to Willie John O'Donnell RIP (Toome). In brief I maried Betty Walsh, a local 22 years ago (she thinks it seems just like yesterday, but I remember every day of it vividly). We have 3 children Roisin who is currently studying music at Magee University in Derry, Sean who will be sitting his A levels next year and Ruairi who will be sitting his GCSEs next year. I myself am a Funeral Director with Funeral Homes in Portglenone, Toome and a new one opening in Kenbaan, Broughshane Road, Ballymena in September 2008 (due to my recent take over of Neal J Doherty's Funeral Directors business in Balymena). Its a good time to be in this business (ie..recession proof) due to these current uncertain times we are all experiencing at present. I will endeavour to meet and greet everyone at the reunon and make sure my business cards and contact details are well distributed. (just joking). I congratulate everyone involved in the organising of the reunion and this superb site, and I realy do hope the weather will be favourable towards us. I Look forward to meeting everyone  over the forthcoming weekend. P.S. For anyone who does not know me I am  6ft 4ins tall, jet black hair, blue eyes, well tanned, usually wearing a dark suit and always carrying a little black notebok in my hand.  Good Luck
Name: eileen nazarko, teague mcerlean's daughter
greetings to the kearney clan from winnipeg.i heard about your reunion from deus when we met in vancouver in june.i hope you have at least half as much fun as the mcerleans had last year.congrats.
Name: Liam Arbuthnot
What a splendid web-site! Does anyone else think James Kearney (Pat's father, my great-grandfather) looks like that other famous James, Mr. Joyce, in that brilliant photograph with Sheila in Gallery 10?
Kearney Reunion 2008 Kearney Reunion 2008 Kearney Reunion 2008